Guild Information

About the guild.
We're one of the oldest raiding guilds on Earthen Ring, formed in 2005. Where others have fallen we have kept pushing. We started off 40m, switched to 25 when required, then in Cataclysm decided to shrink to 10m and have been raiding that size until 6.0. In WoD we increased to around 25 players to raid Mythic. We still believe in a balance between raids being fun and enjoyable without being too hardcore, however we do acknowledge that the current game content requires a bit more than the casual play we used to expect from our members. While we attempt to keep a relaxed attitude, the content we attempt is difficult and needs a level of focus and commitment.

Raid Times
Our current raid times are 19:45 - 23:00 on:

Guild Rules
     Rules we expect of EVERYONE
     Rules we expect of RAIDERS

Rules we expect of EVERYONE:
1. Play nice
Even the best MMO sucks without a good group to play with, and we try to be that group, even just socially. Try to keep the atmosphere in guild chat pleasant. Ask for help if you need it, give help if you can. Make use of our wide variety of crafters and contribute a bit to those noobier than you. And always remember it's a game and we're meant to be enjoying ourselves.

2. Respect your Guild Tag
Raven Knights have been active on Earthen Ring since 2005. We have a name and a good reputation that we are rightly proud of. When participating in the server community, keep this in mind. Your officers do not appreciate angry whispers about guild members scamming people or trolling Trade chat (more so than normal, anyway). Basically we just ask you not to be a dick. It’s not that hard!

3. Guild Ranks
The ranks we use are fairly simple; Social Raven, Trial, Raider Raven and Officer. The only distinction between Social and Raider members (including raiding trialists) is whether you're on the regular roster for main raids; there's no hierarchy of raid members over social members.

We use a couple of other ranks for administrative purposes: Alt (so we can distinguish people's mains for invites) and Banker (crafters with extra guild bank access so they can make us potions and so on).

4. The Guild bank and how we use it
Two tabs in the bank (Guild Junk and For Alts) are basically free access. Draw from them up to your allowed limits; that’s the point after all. You’ll find glyphs, gems, enchants, spare pets and anything in here.

The other tabs are used to store raid consumables, item enhancements and crafting materials for guild use. Most of these are for the purpose of our group raids. The main bank is for the benefit of the raid group, and this includes you if you’re in it. We supply raid food in most cases, we also supply flasks and potions to everyone in the team. We ask that you donate a little in return from whatever professions you have available.
We particularly like:

  • 300-stat food for Feast
  • Flasks or Herbs for Cauldrons
  • DPS potions
  • Ingredients for anything above

All contributions are gratefully received, however.

The guild bank also provides money towards repair costs for Raider ranks, intended to ease the pain of wipe nights.

5. We reserve the right to boot you for being an asshole
Quite simply, there's only one real way to get /gkicked. If you're a poor raider but a nice person, we probably won't take you to raids but we don't mind having you around. Most of us, however, are way beyond the point where we'll put up with you being an asshat because of your über DPS. We can find another raider.

Rules we expect of RAIDERS:
1. Check your calendar!
Signups for all guild events are managed via the in-game calendar. Most regular raid nights are by invitation only, but social events like Achievement or Alt Raids and old raid farming will often be done by open invitation. We set up invites a few weeks in advance. Please ensure that you check your calendar when you log in - there will generally be a big flashing question mark if you have unanswered event invites.

Good use of the calendar helps us keep everything organised and plan accordingly. Poor use of the calendar is the bane of your officers’ lives. Please keep on top of your calendar.

2. Know yourself
We do not have a tiered rank system for raiders; our raid pool doesn’t break down into “Heroic Raiders”, “Normal Raiders”, “Normal Raiders Who Might Be Good For Heroic If They Drink Enough Coffee” etc. Knowing which bracket you fit into and which you aspire to is part of your responsibilities. Please make sure that you have a realistic opinion of your own skills, strengths and weaknesses. We have a lot more respect for someone who knows their own limits and works to expand then than someone who is convinced that they are hot stuff.

3. Prepare yourself
This ties in very heavily to Rule About Raiding #1 below. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your character are as ready for raiding as it is possible to be.
You should:

  • Know your class well, and be able to utilise all your abilities to the best effect.
  • Ensure your character’s gear is optimally enchanted and gemmed in gear with sockets.
  • Have appropriate talents and glyph selections for the content, and know when to switch them out situationally.
  • Bring consumables, including flasks, potions, Tomes of the Tranquil Mind and anything else required by your class and/or spec.
  • Research on boss tactics for our progression content in advance, including reading raid guides or watching videos, and be prepared to discuss strategy and tactics with the rest of the raid.
  • Attempt to maximise opportunities for gearing up, including clearing world bosses and earning enough Currencies to ensure you have bonus loot tokens available.

You don’t have to do this alone, though. We do not require you to be a Theorycrafter but we do expect you to take an interest in how to get the most out of your character. Fortunately, your guild is full of people who do actually think that this kind of min-maxing deep study is fun, and they are all available to consult.

We can also help our regular raiders with things like crafting, whether it be finding a jewelcrafter or enchanter without having to pay market rates, or making items that require raid drops.

4. Attendance
You have a life outside of the guild and the game; we understand this. We ideally aim for all our Raider members to be available for an average of at least two out of three raid nights a week. Beyond that, having a night off or two for whatever reason will not get you kicked out of the guild.
What we do ask is:

  • that you keep your calendar up-to-date if you have out-of-game engagements planned in advance
  • that if you “just don’t feel like raiding tonight”, you check to make sure that a raid can still go ahead if you don’t play
  • that if you are going to be unavailable for a lengthy period due to e.g. shift changes at work or skiing holidays, you let us know so we can make sure your role is covered properly in your absence.

5. Recruitment

6. Character/role swapping
While we recruit with a particular role and character in mind, you are the member of Raven Knights and not your character. We know people occasionally feel like a change, but our rules for this are slightly more stringent than for other things. This is because a change of role or class has an impact on the raid group as a whole. Generally we do not want people to swap at the drop of a hat, but if you genuinely wish to change role or class, the first step is to discuss it with the officers, particularly Shev, who - as our main Raid Leader - will have final say on the how and when.

General principles to keep in mind are:
The two main factors to determine whether you can change are whether your current role can be easily filled and if your new role or character will not be a detriment to raid progress, in terms of both player skill and gear.
You will be expected to continue to play your current mainspec and/or character as required by the raid leader in order to make up suitable raid comps.
You may be passed over for loot regardless of EPGP Priority Rating, especially for certain high-value items - there is little value to us in giving your “old” character a best-in-slot trinket when that character isn't going to be using it for progression.
To a degree you are functionally trialling again under your new spec and/or class, and you may not be immediately successful.

We hope these are fairly easy to understand and make sense.

Beyond that, there are more specific circumstances:
Switching to a different role on the same character is easier than rerolling completely. We encourage all players to maintain an offspec in any case, and offer loot for offspecs at a discount rate. We are also happy for you to express a specific interest in playing a dual-spec character. While you will still have a “default” role, you are likely to be the first port of call if we need someone to switch role for a given night or encounter, given varying requirements for healer and DPS balance.
The above applies to progression raids; any open non-progression raids, such as gear farming runs in (Normal/Heroic) mode, are open to your new character, and we encourage you to do so as part of your retrial and gearing-up process.

Finally, there are some points where character/role switching is much easier, and you are much more likely to have a change approved at these points. Aside from the open season at the beginning of an expansion pack, the start of a new raid tier is an opportunity for flexibility; partly because the move back down to (Normal/Heroic) from (Heroic/Mythic) means that the new content will be slightly more forgiving, and partly because Blizzard has been much better in putting in gear catch-up mechanisms to allow you to participate in the current tier.

7. Ultimatums
If you have problems, please discuss them with an officer. We are here to try and run the guild in the best possible way for everyone, and can talk through any issues you have. That being said, the quickest way to find yourself no longer receiving raid invites is to level some sort of “I want it my way or else” threat. These will result at least in your raid status being revoked.

8. Did we mention the calendar?
Seriously, though, look at the thing. “Check your calendar” and “Don’t be an asshole”; we can deal with any of the other rules as they come up.

1. The golden rule: Don’t waste people’s time
This is the foundation of everything else. While we attempt to keep a relaxed attitude, the content we attempt is difficult and needs a level of focus and commitment. Please make sure that when you come to a raid, as far as possible you are ready to give it your all. Every unnecessary wipe you cause is a wipe that (9/19) other people have to deal with.

2. Raid times and dates
Raven Knights’ default raid days are Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, between 19:45 and 23:00 server time. Invites start going out at 19:45 for a 20:00 start; we normally have a break about halfway through.

If we are doing a raid on a flexible-size difficulty, we are fine with you joining and leaving as you need to, as long as we’ve got enough people to keep the tank/healer/DPS balance. For fixed-size raids we require you to be more or less available for the full four hours.

3. Signups are important
Make sure that as far as possible you have set your invite status in advance on the guild calendar. The officers use signups to plan ahead, not just what we’re doing tonight but for the rest of the raid week. If you’re not sure whether you can make it, sign as tentative; just not responding to the invite helps no-one.

If something urgent comes up at the last minute or you’re stuck in traffic or anything similar, most of the officers are contactable by a variety of in- or out-of-game methods. We greatly appreciate you letting us know, even if you’re just going to be late.

4. Required addons and software
Some variety of boss warning addon is required (Deadly Boss Mods, BigWigs etc.) We also use voice comms during raids; our VoIP software of choice is Teamspeak 3. You don’t have to have a microphone or speak (although we greatly appreciate it if you do), but you do have to be able to listen. Our raid comms are in English by default, if this is an issue.

We also highly recommend epgp-lootmaster if you want to keep up with current EPGP Priority Rating and Death Note for helping you work out why you died.

5. Sit-outs
Raven Knights’ standing policy is to have a raid roster with a decent-sized buffer above the cap for the content we’re doing. Having 21 people for 20-man mythic raids is no good when two missing people on the same night torpedoes the whole raid. Unfortunately this means that when everyone does turn up, sit-outs are inevitable.

We will seek voluntary sit-outs in the first instance, but obviously this isn’t always successful. (Sometimes it is too successful - if you volunteer to sit, please do not complain when you are sat.) We maintain records of sit-outs and attempt to allocate raid slots as fairly as possible while still trying to bring an effective raid composition.

We might also ask you to play your offspec for a given raid. If we get the minimum ten people and four of them are mainspec tanks, some people are going to be DPSing; extrapolate this out to any combination of tanks, healers and DPS you can think of. Part of the payback for getting cheap gear for your offspec is that sometimes you might be requested to use it.

The raid leader’s decision as to who raids on a given night is final.

6. Raid discipline, such as it is
We are not Onyxia Wipe Guy, but when the pull countdown starts we expect everyone to have their game faces on. Please, no unnecessary chatter on Teamspeak; listen to your raid leader’s instructions and any other raid communication from other raid members. We use custom in-game chat channels for various raid roles; please join them as required for tactics communications.

Teamspeak is not just for Shev to yell at you when you stand in the fire. You are not expected to maintain radio silence during a fight, and we appreciate clear and concise communication of useful information; just leave the jokes about the one time that the tank fell asleep for between pulls.

We have one final weirdly specific rule: please do not ask about Heroism on Teamspeak. The raid leader will call for the Big Haste Cooldown when it’s time, and a lot of our long-term raiders are so hair-trigger that they’ll pop Heroism whenever they hear the word.

7. Be ready when you click ready
There’s a ready check before every pull, and we expect you to be ready. This means knowing what the tactics for the fight are, and ensuring that you have all available buffs and consumables up. There is no excuse for this not being the case. If you have any questions about the fight, ask them. If you are missing buffs, ask for them. If you are short of flasks, potions or raid food for whatever reason - even if it’s just “I forgot to buy them, sorry” - bring this up and we can spot you some from the bank… but don’t go in unbuffed and unprepared. We’ve had too many sub-1% wipes, or tanks not dying by the barest handful of HP, to not want every stat point we can get.

8. Consequences
We don’t have a giant list of sanctions for people who don’t follow our raid rules. Simply enough: if you’re not willing to do what we ask of our raiders, we won’t take you to raids.

Raiding and Accessibility Issues
If there are any accessibility issues that are causing you problems during raiding, we offer you the following two guarantees:

  • We are absolutely 100% not going to flip out at you or summarily boot you off the raid team or anything like that should you tell us about things that are affecting your play experience.
  • We will do our level best to provide support for you.

As examples of the kind of thing that you may well have already raided alongside without knowing:

  • People with hearing difficulties who can't always make out Teamspeak;
  • People with colour perception problems who can sometimes not see ground effects or markers;
  • People with diabetes who might need a short-notice AFK to fix their blood sugar;
  • People with chronic fatigue who might need shorter raids or more nights off than usual.

That's just a handful of relatively recent examples; we've been doing this for a while and dealt with plenty.
If there is anything you'd like to bring up, you can speak in confidence to one of the Officers
Saradir, Fiel or Shev and we'll try to work out what we can do to help.