ChoGall Down!

Finally killed him off with a quick extra raid last night.

Twilight Ascendant Council Downed!

Killed off the Twilight Ascendant Council, a fairly easy fight once we had the major mechanics sorted. Required some pretty hefty healing in the final phase to see us through though as our spreading out could still use a little work.

Chimaeron Defeated!

Killed him tonight with a stellar effort from out healers. Pretty easy fight mechanically really! Dropped us a pair of these boots but we sharded the other item... :(

We didn't actually kill all these bosses in 2 days, but new website and picture spam! We also got this achievement which we thought was pretty decent for a first kill.

Atramedes Deafened!

Another BWD boss down...

Conclave of Wind Slaughtered!

First of two bosses in the Throne of Four Winds beaten.

Valiona and Theralion Defeated!

Anyone else reminded of Danarion and Lacrima?

She also apparently never drops anything except this sodding ring.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker Down!

First boss in Bastion of Twilight successfully defeated!

Maloriak Slaughtered!

Another first week kill!

Omnitron Defence System Down!

KIlled on our first go on a fresh raid night after a couple of nights working out the various abilities we had to deal with.

Magmaw Down!

Magmaw down on our first venture into Blackwing Descent. Didn't cause too many problems once we'd worked out that the key to the fight was controlling the movement of the adds, and respecced to deal with that. Shame our loot was so dreadful really, an offspec item and a shard. Onwards!